Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lineout in the Set Pieces

The section on the Lineout in the Set Pieces page is a useful addition to this section. Techniques to be embedded: Throwing, lifting front, lifting rear, jumping and distribution, timing, maul formation, peel plays and misdirection

Throwing: This technique is difficult to perform consistently - on a par with goal-kicking it requires dedication, individual coaching and individual practice before embedding is attempted. Simply put, more throwers are spoiled by bad habits than by lack of ability. There are numerous individual drills available to throwers - throwing over the crossbar from the 22m to build core strength and stability, throwing at a post to improve accuracy etc. but these need to be supervised since it is difficult for a thrower to get proper technical feed-back at first.

Lifting and jumping: see Lineout tennis Variation: Two teams of forwards, A and B, one at each post. At the signal A1 and A3 hoist A2 (and B1 and B3 hoist B2) to a pre-selected height using the post as a marker, coach or other watcher calls, "One" etc., down, A1 joins the end of the team, A2 and A4 hoist A3 and so on.

Pressure: Teams 'win' by the greatest number of successful hoists in say 2 minutes. Note that this drill requires props to jump so allowances must be made! Sub variation: Teams are allowed to designate say three jumpers but the remainder must lift, front and back, in turn.

Lineout Misdirection:The theory of misdirection is not difficult to grasp but execution of successful misdirection techniques requires the whole-hearted participation of the entire squad.

Embedding drills require clear signal calling and concentration.

Variation: Two teams of forwards. No ball. The teams each huddle and select tactics for 3 lineouts. Line up on the half-way line. Coach designates the 'throwing' team and gives the signal. Throwing team execute and 'win' if their jumper is unopposed. Defending team win if they read the tactic and get their jumper up in front of the other team's. Coach decides. Run to 10m line and repeat. Back to half-way and so on for 6 lineouts. Note: NO calls. Teams must remember their misdirection plans. Mix and match the teams ever six repetitions. Sub variation: Thrower huddles with one team and throws three times to it. Then with the other team etc.

Note 1: still no calls. Note 2: To score the team must not only win the ball but they must clearly out-fox the opposition.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kejohanan Ragbi U-18 !5's Melaka

Pada bulan April ini kehojahanan ragbi 15 sebelah MSSM Melaka akan diadakan . Diharapkan para pelajar akan lebih bersemangat untuk menjalani sesi latihan . Untuh pengetahuan semua , jika johan Melaka , kita akan mewakili Melaka ke Sabah . KEBANGSAAN .
Grouping -
SMK Bukit Baru
Koley Yayasan Saad
SMT Melaka Tengah

Waktu Latihan SBPIS -
Isnin - Khamis ,, Jam 5.30 - 6.45 ..
Diharapkan semua hadir..

anda mungkin nak tackle topic nie

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